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Decoding Aquamarina AIRCAT inflatable catamaran boat label

Have you ever wondered what does that boat label on your Aquamarine AIRCAT inflatable catamaran mean? 

Have a look at this example label. 

A boat sticker is a concise source of vital information mandated by regulations and directives to ensure your safety and enjoyment on the water. Let’s dive into what the various elements on the boat sticker signify.

1. Design Category C – Inshore

Adhering to Directive 2013/53/EU and Recreational Craft Regulations 2017, the boat sticker’s first detail specifies its design category. In this case, the boat is classified under Design Category C – Inshore. This means it’s designed for voyages in coastal waters, large bays, estuaries, lakes, and rivers. The boat is equipped to handle conditions up to wind force 6 and significant wave heights up to 2 meters.

2. Maximum Person’s Capacity without Console

Safety comes first, and this sticker provides clarity on how many individuals the boat can accommodate without a console or additional structures. This is a crucial detail to ensure the boat remains stable and manageable during your excursions.

3. Manufacturer’s Recommended Maximum Load Capacity

Considering the distribution of weight within a boat is pivotal for maintaining stability and maneuverability. The manufacturer’s recommended maximum load capacity guides boaters to ensure they don’t exceed the boat’s weight limit, enhancing safety and performance on the water.

4. Maximum Motor Power

Boat sticker specifications also extend to the power that propels it. The maximum motor power stipulated on the sticker guides boat owners in choosing the appropriate engine, optimizing performance and fuel efficiency according to the manufacturer’s guidelines.

5. Manufacturer’s Recommended Working Pressure

For inflatable boats, the manufacturer’s recommended working pressure is a crucial element on the sticker. It guides users in inflating the boat to the correct pressure level, which directly influences the boat’s buoyancy, stability, and overall performance.

6. Hull Identification Number (HIN)

Each boat has its unique identification number, akin to a fingerprint. This Hull Identification Number (HIN) is displayed on the boat sticker, enabling easy identification and traceability for regulatory and ownership purposes.

7. Net Weight

Understanding the net weight of the boat contributes to safe transportation, storage, and overall handling. The boat sticker provides this essential information, allowing owners to make informed decisions regarding trailers, lifting equipment, and more.

The boat sticker, often overlooked, is an essential piece of information for every boater. From design category to weight specifications, it holds the key to safety, compliance, and the optimized enjoyment of your time on the water. So, the next time you embark on a maritime adventure, take a moment to decode the boat sticker—it’s your passport to smooth sailing.




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