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GLOW Glowing iSUP Review: Aqua Marina’s Dazzling Night Paddleboard

To all paddleboarding fans, following the new gear enables you to make the most of your water excursions. For those looking for something truly unique, I present to you the GLOW from Aqua Marina, the first-ever iSUP paddleboard in the world to glow. This is more than just a new gadget; it is a major innovation that will enhance your paddling experience.

As far as the excellence of excellence goes – The GLOW iSUP is 10’4′′ long, can hold 308 pounds, and is, therefore, for everyone and everything is ideal. It doesn’t matter if you are just strolling around in the flat water, or riding downstream and riding small waves, with the GLOW, you are debriefed. Also, I was impressed by the board’s solid construction using Aqua Marina’s signature woven drop-stitch material. The most impressive is the board’s Ambient Light System. There are 4 modes; solid, breathing mode, rainbow as well as the position that responds to music and heartbeat – party mode. It is even safer for night enthusiasts since the GLOW is easily noticeable in the dark. Not only is it more fun, but also much more beneficial for sunset cruisers. 

What to look for and some useful information: 

Investing in the GLOW iSUP is elementary. Double Action Hand Pump and the necessary 15 PSI will get you on the water as soon as possible, making the board inflated and ready to go easy and effective to use. The established Red Strap is easy to use, so the passage is straightforward after using it. However, before buying, hear this. The paddleboarding enthusiast purchased one from the Trailsandlakes vendor site after reading about the GLOW and lost their mind. They picked up three of their top paddling friends, and as the sun set, unrolled all four boards on the water’s neck. They lit the table. They immediately discovered that their boards effortlessly emitted color on the surface.

“This is insane!” screamed one of them. “We are a moving light show out here.” 

The light on each board synchronized and flashed and danced to the rhythm of the pants we had set by a Bluetooth speaker, with all the party modes switched on and the included safety leashes gave us peace of mind. The paddleboard from Aqua Marina replaced the consistent beams that were drawn back and forth while cruising at high speed and high-handedness, and the paddleboarding on the water stream kept the observers looking back and forth at the shoreline with joy. The GLOW rigidity made sure the excellent tenderness of their dutiful balance ability thrilled. The lightning dash for hours ensured that the rechargeable battery was in good condition. Nighttime paddling had meant a consistent and pure monitor until the rechargeable, solitary, and two-handed turned into a spectacle.

Where to Buy :

When I found the GLOW iSUP, I knew I needed one. I ordered one on the Trailsandlakes Vendor site. Make sure that you buy from a reputable vendor who provides exceptional customer service. The Investment The GLOW iSUP is available for $549. It’s an inexpensive investment in the boards with the most excellent qualities and some of the most unique features accessible. If you enjoy after-dark paddling, or if you need to amaze your crowd, this type of board is perfect for you.

In the end, if you are a paddleboarding enthusiast and would like to get an exceptional water paddleboarding experience, anticipate other jaw-dropping products in the market. Innovations will keep on coming, and you are sure to enjoy such adventurous experiences. Make sure you try out the GLOW iSUP and tell the paddleboarding community about the new light experience in the water. It is such developments that keep the spirit of paddleboarding exciting and lively. For additional information, visit the Aqua Marina product page and think of the GLOW iSUP as your next water adventure friend.

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