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Our Kayaking Adventure at Lake Texana: A Tale of Alligators and Fishing

Today marked a special day for my husband and me as we embarked on our “maiden voyage” with our newly acquired kayaks. As avid fishing enthusiasts, we sought a hassle-free way to access rivers and coves that boats couldn’t reach, making kayaking the perfect solution. Our goal for the day was to get acquainted with navigating our kayaks and mastering the art of managing our fishing gear.

After extensive online research, we settled on Lake Texana, situated just north of Edna, Texas. Our criteria were simple: easy accessibility from truck to water, calm waters to avoid potential flipping, and safety assurance from lurking dangers such as e.coli or alligators.

As we approached the lake on US 59, the scenic horizon unfolded before us. However, our excitement was momentarily tempered when I spotted what I was certain was an alligator! My husband tried to reassure me that it was just a floating log, but my instincts proved true. A brochure titled “Alligators” at the Lake Texana State Park office confirmed that alligators indeed inhabited the lake. A rather puzzling revelation, considering the intentional alligator stocking.

Undeterred, we proceeded to the boat ramp, only to confirm the presence of these fascinating creatures. With newfound determination, we ventured to the far end of the park, where campers had set up their sites. Here, we discovered a sandy beach area free from fishing piers and seemingly alligator-free. It was the ideal spot to launch our kayaks and begin our adventure.

As we glided through the calm waters, the morning air gently embraced us. Fish leaping out of the water and scattered shad added to the allure. Eager to test my fishing skills, I prepared my rod and reel with a lure resembling a live minnow. Excitement surged through me as I felt the tug on my line—a catch! But alas, my overenthusiasm caused the line to snap, leaving the Big Fish that Got Away.

While I reveled in my cheap thrill, my husband faced challenges with his gear and kayak. The initial excitement had dwindled, and it became apparent that this adventure wasn’t as enjoyable for him.

After an hour and a half of exploring and testing our gear, we decided to head back to shore. Despite the alligator encounters, Lake Texana proved to be a decent spot to try out our new kayaks. The water was relatively calm, making navigation a breeze. We returned home with lessons learned and ideas for improvement, ready to embrace the next kayaking adventure.

In Conclusion

Our expedition to Lake Texana was an unforgettable mix of excitement and caution. The presence of alligators added an unexpected thrill, and we were left with tales of our encounters. Although the day wasn’t without its challenges, it fueled our enthusiasm for future kayaking escapades.

As we prepare for our next journey, we are mindful of the wildlife that shares these waters. Lake Texana may have its alligators, but its calm waters and accessible locations make it a suitable destination for beginners. Fishing under the bridge holds potential, and the experiences we gained today will undoubtedly shape our future kayaking endeavors.

Accommodations and Fees

The Lake Texana State Park offers standard amenities, including restrooms, water, and snacks in the park office. The entrance fee is $3.00 per person per day.

Directions and Resources

For those interested in exploring Lake Texana, take Highway 59 South from Houston towards Victoria. Exit at Edna and turn left on Hwy 111. After approximately 7 miles, you’ll find the entrance to the park.

We utilized the lake map provided by the park office, which proved helpful in identifying areas where alligators were frequently spotted.

In summary, our kayaking adventure at Lake Texana was a mixture of thrills and tranquility. We savored the beauty of the waters, learned to navigate with caution, and left with unforgettable memories of our encounters with the lake’s fascinating inhabitants. Happy kayaking to all fellow enthusiasts!

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